Example of how the SD1M has more image detail than the Nikon D800

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Re: Here's my opinion on the matter...

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Superior? They are good very good. But so are images from other cameras.

And? I neither stated nor insinuated otherwise.

Nah .... lack of pleasing colors out of the box is not "a wash".

To each, their own. As I said before, I don't have a problem getting the color I want from a digital image. For that matter there hasn't been a single digital camera released that has yielded pleasing colors for me in every situation, so this is nothing new.

A FF Foveon with a more mature technology will of course be a wonder. But ... so might the competition at that time. So ... it is not "certainly" a game changer.

Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell.

Its a nice camera.

It has some weaknesses, e.g. SA mount, high ISO, speed, color, still slightly to high price, ...

Indeed. I hope for the sake of everyone that their Foveon line continues to improve.

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