O-EM53 Viewfinder Magnifier

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Re: O-EM53 Viewfinder Magnifier

Patrick T. Kelly wrote:

I never leave my apartment without my camera. I wear it with the strap across my body so the eyepiece rubs against my shirt as I walk. After two years of bouncing around town they wear though. They're actually hollow and very thin.

Maybe cut a piece of black 2mm foamie to fit the area? The front is all flat, so it will be easy to attach the foamie gasket to the O-EM53. There is enough room around the lens opening as well. I would probably take a photo or scan of the O-EM53 and print it out then use the paper print as a pattern to cut two foamie gaskets with an Exacto knife. I think a single 2mm thick piece would be too thin, so they would need to be stacked to 4mm to be usable. I think it should wear a lot better than the rubber.

Thank you

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