Let's unite for new Mac Pro!!!!

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...the idea of a table full of enclosures and cables to get the same amount of storage that I currently have inside my 6 year old Mac Pro is not appealing to me.

Thunderbolt is changing that game. Huge, fast Thunderbolt arrays can deliver bits at a speed comparable to a Mac Pro internal bus. They require only one power cable and one data cable. Fast mass storage is ceasing to be an issue, now that it is possible to hook up a mini or an Air to one of these monsters and not lose speed.

Perhaps. But not just yet. Options are few and very expensive.

Since all the non-Air Macs now support up to at least 16GB RAM, the real problems with the mini are the video card and the laptop-class internal hard drive. And the problem with the iMac is the inability to change anything about the machine other than the RAM. There will still be difficult decisions about Macs for power users (I also have a Mac Pro 1,1), but it isn't because of storage.

All good points. The problem remains, for me, the simple fact that the Mac Pro is the only Mac form-factor that works for my needs. Add to that the cost premium and decisions get harder and harder. A current generation Mac Pro with a six-core CPU and no other options or upgrades is $3800. Add RAM from OWC and an eSata card and you are looking at a bit over $4k. A slightly lower spec PC (six core i7) with 16GB of RAM and room for 3 rather than 4 internal drives is about $1k. Much as I love and prefer the Mac OS X environment, that is a steep premium.
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