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Re: Hi Macky

macky patalinghug wrote:


Thanks for your practical reply. It's just that the D3, amongst the more expensive of cams seems to be leading in LCD fogging problems. Or are you not aware of this?

I am seeking the advice of this forum since there not many in our place that I can ask about this problem. Mainly because not many can afford this cam.

I have had used a dozen DSLR's and non of them have had this LCD fogging problem. In the case of the Canon 550D, 600D and 60D, Humidity makes their rubber grips come off. My 350D developed fungus on its sensor. Humidity seems to affect different cameras in different ways. By the way, aside from these Canon stuff I did own an Olympus E330 and a Nikon D5100.

I have read a lot of forums and from other sites as well and there seems to have been no closure on this issue.

Why don't you invest in a good dry box? I would assume you would also want to store your lenses in a humidity controlled environment too.

I have longed dream of owning a full frame cam. This used but still mint D3 is by far the super affordable bargain I have yet met. It's big and huge and I know is super fast. But now if humidity does ruin its LCD and humdity being so prevalent in our place I can't help but feel wary.

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