Portrait pictures with X-100?

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Re: 6ft / 2m

I've found it ideal for just the situation you describe. If you want an environmental portrait of someone sitting across the table from you (at about 3 or 4 feet), you probably don't want anything with a much longer focal length. Anything tighter and you won't have much interesting context. I used to use a 35mm (50mm equiv) lens on a DSLR for candid environmental portraits, but found it too tight in many indoor situations.

You'll have some distortion from that distance, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you play with the angles some (which is easier to do with a nice live view like on the x100), you may even find the distortion adds to the photo.

Also, I've found the lens is sharp enough that I'm not afraid to crop liberally, if you do want a tighter head shot.

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