D800 focus stacking - a simple example & how to

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John Croskell Junior Member • Posts: 39
Re: Focusing with a rail

Thank you all for these illuminating replies. Both approaches seem to produce stunning results in the hands of each method's exponents. Perhaps I can be forgiven for thinking the jury is still out on this. I do understand that the adjust-focus method should/could produce ghosting because of the perspective-removal that is happening, compared to the macro-rail approach, but we read that HF/HR "scales" each slice to re-establish perspective. Not sure where this leaves us.

Maybe the answer to which approach is better depends on the scale - true macro or the semi-macro scale. There could be a big difference between (1) 20 slices at 0.1mm interval to catch a fly's eye, and (2) 20 slices at 2mm interval to photo a large orchid. Or maybe not?

I have a macro-rail which I have used in the semi-macro scale and stacked the images in PS5, so if I download a trial copy of Helicon's software, I could try the alternative focus-change approach.

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