Thinking of switching systems based on a dream

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Re: you are not going to like me

gary stepic wrote:

So you are saying I will not like anyone that disagrees with me? Then I probably would not like about three quarters off all people I meet, Seriously, the only people I do not like are people that lie and you cannot trust, and people that think way to highly of themselves.

In this part I was trying to be funny, I guess I'm not that funny after all

I do appreciate your input as well as the input of others. Being an accountant and pretty analytical i have prepared a spreadsheet based on what I think I can get for my gear (and I price to sell quickly) and what it would cost to replace it. Switching is not going to cost much more than simply upgrading, that is what is making the choice tougher.

This more about changing than cost. You will spend time to get to know the new system and also the time spent on making all those spreadsheets and thinking about what to buy. This effort should be better focused towards creating your art. I don't know how much time you have for photography, but I know there is no such thing is enough.

Personally I think the D800 is a clear winner over the 5DM2 if I were to buy from scratch and the deciding factor to me is price, no way the 5DM3 is $500 better in my view. Now if Canon scores a clear win when 7D upgrades compared to D300 upgrade, then that could be the deciding factor to stay put. Of course clear winning is always debatable but for my standards it would have much to do if APC or full frame for my sports shooting camera.

To be honest it doesn't really matter which one is better. Both are perfectly fine for the job you described. I mean there will always be something better, now the D800 is the favorite, next year something else. I think equipment is only important until a certain point and you are already there. My point is to pick a system and use it even when the other party has something better.

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