Upgrade to D800 / D3S /D4 from D7000?

Started Apr 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
Sylvain Larive Forum Member • Posts: 88
Re: Upgrade to D800 / D3S /D4 from D7000?

Brandon birder wrote:

I agree with Sylvain. One point though to the OP is that you don't need to physically down sample anything to get the benefit, just view the original image on a good screen or print it directly and you will get the benefit. The extra detail adds substance to the image whenever down sampled passively by either of the above.

I have a D7000 and a D800 and it is leaps and bounds ahead.

Absolutely. People seem to think they will have to go through loops to get their image downsampled... Whenever you display ANY image on your monitor or print it out, it will get resampled, most likely downsampled unless you've got a 1MP Kodak from 15 years ago.

The computer / printer needs to do that to fill the actual pixels. However, if you do it in a software like Photoshop, you'll have better downsampling algorithms improving the noise performance even more, like bicubic downsampling.

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