Example of how the SD1M has more image detail than the Nikon D800

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Re: Here's my opinion on the matter...

Visualiza wrote:

The resolution and image fidelity simply cannot be denied; this camera produces images that are unequivocally superior to its competitors(and some a level above) from this standpoint.

Superior? They are good very good. But so are images from other cameras.

While I don't think the color is particularly pleasing, it's all too easy to tweak color to your liking this days anyway so that's a wash.

Nah .... lack of pleasing colors out of the box is not "a wash".

I think the only real issues with the camera are in functionality and how robust the body is.

As far as I know - its robust. And I tend to like its feature set except the lack of LiveView.

Sigma has stepped their game up in the lens department in the last year or so, producing lenses with weather sealing, improved IS and AF, and IQ to match the likes of Canon and Nikon blow for blow, albeit at a more attractive price point. If they want to expand their camera business; however, they need to stop skimping on the bodies and deliver performance equal to that of their sensors and lenses.

If there is ever a full frame Foveon camera, and assuming that the technology continues to mature, then it will most certainly be a game changer.

A FF Foveon with a more mature technology will of course be a wonder. But ... so might the competition at that time. So ... it is not "certainly" a game changer.

I'm a dedicated Nikon shooter myself, but I have a lot of respect for what this camera can do. It's aggravating to see so many photographers who sport other brands failing to acknowledge the strengths of the SD1, but that's par for the course I suppose. Whatever the case I'm pretty excited to see what Sigma and Foveon have got on the horizon, especially in regard to lenses.

Its a nice camera.

It has some weaknesses, e.g. SA mount, high ISO, speed, color, still slightly to high price, ...

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