Which manual long lens ?

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Re: Some More Feedback

Peter Nelson wrote:

For the first one I believe you can improve on it as good as it is by doing a little sharpening. But it's a good image as it is.

Yes, it could have been improved, but all are hand-held shots. It will give very sharp result with a tripod I think.

nzmacro wrote:

Very pleased for you and you won't regret it. No CA and sharp as a tack :). Looking sharp and great colours. You won't get a zoom to compete with it, it will knock zoom lenses out of the park

Yes Danny, you are right. Now I believe it's better to save for sometime and go for the good optics rather than try a poor one and then regret. Thanks.

SirSeth wrote:

These are smaller or slower. Good luck with your hunt. It's fun to think about imo, and if you really want to do more wild life and are willing to heft the weight and size I think one of those 300mm f2.8 lenses is great.

Very nice suggestions. In future if I want to upgrade I will think of one of these fast primes. But as of now I prefer a light-wight setup which I can use without a tripod. Thanks..

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