NY taxi -- location release necessary?

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Re: NY taxi -- location release necessary?

Luke Kaven wrote:

Richard Weisgrau wrote:

You use the term "location release." I assume you are asking about a model release.

The need for a model release is based upon how the photo will be used not where it was taken. The taxi was on a public street and you have the right to photograph it an whoever is inside it. What you do not have is the right to publish the photo(s) for advertising or trade use without a release. You should read this:

Hi Richard,

Actually I did mean a location release. I'm going to be shooting inside the taxi. I will have the necessary model releases.

Ok, I get it now. As far as I am concerned you do not need a property release unless, as someone else stated in this thread the property has TMs etc, on it. I don't think that you will encounter that in a cab.

So the question seems to actually be Do you need a NYC location permit or permission to shoot inside the cab? I don't know with any certainty. The cab is private property so you might need permission to shoot a commercially oriented photo inside of it. It will e on a street in NYC where location permits are needed for some types of shooting on a public street. I also don't know whether there are any odd laws about shooting in cab in NYC, although I doubt that there are. Out of curiosity I did a Google search looking for topics related to photography and cabs. Nothing important came up.

If I were you I just shoot and tip the driver well.

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