New (old) Mac Trojan in the Wild

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Greg Eddinger
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Re: Actually there is.

Richard wrote:

People on PCs have to learn these principals or they get viruses. PC people learn not to click on pop ups or go to unknown websites

This can't be correct. If it were PC users would not get virus's or install malware.

Just admit we are on an even playing field more and more everyday as the Mac becomes more and more popular.

If the playing field was level we could still use the percentages as a basis for projecting Mac virus's Vs Windows virus's in the wild.

Currently Macs hover above 10% of the US market. Macs that have been infected by virus's 0%.

The reality is that if OSX was as venerable as windows it would have approximately the same percentage of infected machines. It doesn't. Why is this so?
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