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Re: DPP or ACR?

Nice 'rant' octane And I think I can agree with you on almost every point. Canon should know their cameras best, and it's an argument I've read before.

I think I'm going to stick with DPP for the time being. After all, it does everything I need to do and I have become very familiar with it. I'm also very pleased with the results I'm getting from it (although I prefer to increase sharpening to 4 or even 5).

I don't do a lot of PP outside of DPP at the moment, so on the odd occasion that I need to, converting to TIFF before PS is not a problem.

My mind is decided! DPP for me!

Thanks to everyone who has commented, and I really don't think it's a simple decision - horses for courses I guess. My horse is DPP-shaped

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