Upgrade to D800 / D3S /D4 from D7000?

Started Apr 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
Sylvain Larive Forum Member • Posts: 88
Re: Upgrade to D800 / D3S /D4 from D7000?

Queue all the snob and condescending remarks from people who will loathe you for saying you've got the cash and are willing to spend on gear you might not actually completely need.

I use the U1 and U2 setting all the time and it would bother me losing those as well... I completely agree with all your complaints about the D7000 as well though so its a tough decision. If money is not an issue, I'd skip the D700. Great camera especially at the used prices now. The D800, however, is just better in almost all aspects.

But as far as the D800 goes, let me throw you a curveball... You say : Why buy the BIG PICTURE when you're looking to downsample. Because you can. Because IF you want to downsize you can, IF you need to crop you CAN and IF you need higher detail you can. Try doing it the other way around... Unless you need the D4 speed, or the extra features, reports are you're not losing IQ from going D800 instead of D4. Actually, reports are the opposite. So why get the big picture? Because you can have the big picture AND have the "small picture", shall I say, with no downside aside from processing them...

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