No K-5 level calibration? - ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!

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No K-5 level calibration? - ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!

Pentax has some problems with several aspects of the K-5 design (no fix for low light AF FF, bounce flash problems). These are however complex subsystems and many cameras from other brands have had similar issues due to the fact that not everything can be tested for in design and manufacturing.

However... the inability to calibrate the digital level - is TRULY INEPT design. Any design using a digital level MUST have a calibration procedure or it's basically useless. There is no way to manufacture with the accelerometer mounted perfectly level. It's a tiny solid state component that is soldered to yet another not-level board that could even shift slightly during shipping or use. It has to be calibrated at the factory and therefore has to allow calibration through software. There IS a calibration factor in each K-5 to adjust the level.

Is this another QC issue with Pentax? Are they actually skipping the calibration procedure on some percentage of bodies!

The digital level and auto-leveling are NOT just throw-in features. They are significant and something a buyer should be able to count on. They are also utterly useless in a body that is out of calibration. So... an out of calibration body has to be bounced around in a truck, calibrated by Pentax (hopefully correctly) and then bounced around in a truck again to correct the situation???

That is IDIOCY and simply poor design.

Sorry... I'm an engineer and I've designed my share of electronic and software systems. There simply is no excuse for this when a few lines of code would give user access to a simple recalibration procedure.

Any phone or tablet allows you do calibrate your accelerometer almost effortlessly!

I started this new thread in the hopes that somebody at Pentax might notice it and think about adding this NECESSARY feature to the next firmware rev. My expectations however are not high that this will be remedied. Just shamefully bad design.


There are users in "the other" forum who sent their cameras in only to have them return STILL out of calibration!

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Pentax K-5
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