Challenge C182 - "Adapted from the Book" +++

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Challenge C182 - "Adapted from the Book" +++

My theme "Adapted from the Book" comes from my love of both reading and writing. I'm sure we've all encountered memorable books and have imagined how various settings, characters and events might look in reality. Your job is to translate some element from a book into a photo. It can be of any genre from romance to nonfiction to fantasy to adventure to you-name-it, either as an e-book or standard print edition. Just choose whatever aspect of the book appeals to you, and interpret it. Please include the title and author of the book which inspired your shot and, if necessary, add a note to explain what's being interpreted. Note: Many popular novels have been made into movies. However, much is omitted between page and screen. Please use the actual written word as your guide.

The competition runs from now, April 12 until 2100 GMT on Monday, April 23 (which, appropriately enough, is Shakespeare's birthday). At that time the galleries will be closed and the voting will commence with a new thread. The winner will be announced at 9 PM GMT (4 PM CST) on April 25. The winner in the competition gallery will host the next challenge.

Newcomers are totally welcome and encouraged to join the fun. Just post here if you need assistance to get images into the gallery or if you are not certain what's going on. We all started off clueless and make the same mistakes.

To post a photo in any of the galleries, just select the gallery of choice from below: Competition or Exhibition or Originals. On the top of the page you will see "edit this gallery", click on that and it will ask for a password. Enter "kickass" (don't ask, just keep it lower case) and you should be able to make it from there. If you still need assistance, ask and you shall be answered. Sometimes the answer is even the right one!

Add your name after the title (makes voting easier). (To make image sizes manageable, we need to max out at 750 pixels square, which is still more pixels than the usual 800x600.) And make sure the size is still max 200k. Pbase lets us run these challenges free on their website, so please respect this by keeping your file size reasonable. Ensure the EXIF data is intact for the competition, with the date it was taken.

Starting gallery - contains the other galleries and a link to the general rules:

Competition gallery - for pictures taken to the theme with a 4/3 or µ4/3 camera, during the entry time April 12 -April 23:

Exhibition gallery - for pictures taken to the theme at any time, with any camera:

Originals gallery - if you want to show how the original photo looked before you modified it:
If your clock doesn't show GMT, here is the time calculator found by Catman:

Enjoy your shooting and, in case you've been motivated to leaf through a book or two - happy reading!

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