a top brand worth it ?

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Re: a top brand worth it ?

I recently decided to buy a full set of new softboxes, so I spent a lot of time looking into this. Keep in mind that I'm just getting into professional studio photography, so I don't have a lot of money but there is value in my investing in quality equipment.

I agree with what a previous poster said regarding the primary difference with expensive softboxes being simply their build quality and durability. Light quality is largely similar.

I found that the white interior photoflex boxes are a great deal for the price. White interior boxes are approximately 3/4 of a stop dimmer than silver interior boxes, which for me is a plus (I usually find myself wishing my lights could go dimmer, rather than brighter). They appear to be very durable and can take decently priced grids and other accessories. I got myself a 4x6 from this brand.

I also own a creative light 1x3 strip box and 3-foot octa, which were fairly cheap. The build quality leaves a little to be desired.

I ended up getting my other three sizes of boxes from Chimera (soft silver interior). These boxes are built MUCH better than either of the other two brands. The fronts are also more recessed, allowing more control of the light spill, and the rods are all metal. Although they cost about twice as much as photoflex boxes, for me I find the difference to be worth it.

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