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Re: Qimage - arghh

I did not test it here on the B9180 but in normal printing mode on my other HP models a 5mm print margin at three sides and a 12mm or more at the trailing edge is created in normal driver mode for sheets. Your 1/8" inch border is just too small for that. Borderless printing mode is not available for every paper choice in the driver. Qimage Ultimate has I believe also a borderless function but I never used it so can not tell what it does. If borderless can be used then you should use the sheet size (minus trailing edge print margin possibly) and use a 1/8 Qimage border, not the border+ choice but the other one. Not done that but I expect it is the right approach.

Someone else"s request; on B9180 resurrections; see the Yahoo B9180 mailing list.

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