Who bought a D7k? - Compare AF performance of D7k against D300s please

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Re: Who bought a D7k? - Compare AF performance of D7k against D300s please

I have both the d300s and the d7000, and have used both extensively. You may not like to hear what i have to say but here goes.

Firstly the d300s is an excellent camera and in many respects is my preferred camera. The feel and reliability is hard to beat. I mostly take landscape and wildlife photography, my wife is in to portraiture.

For wildlife the d7000 is always my first choice. The IQ is no doubt better than the d300s. However further clarification is needed here. For small subjects (i.e. small birds) the focus can be problematic. At times very frustrating. I have learnt there are certain situations where a sharp photo will be difficult, such as a confusing background or foreground, and the size of the subject in the viewfinder. Definitely not an ideal situation.

that said i have no regrets buying the d7k and it has given me some great photos.

For general purpose photography, reliability and comfort i will go for the d300s. A joy to use. So the comparison is not that straight forward. I do not subscribe to the school where one camera is much better than the other. They are both good cameras and it depends what you will be using it for. If you are after hassle free reliable af, good ergonomics, and good IQ then the d300s is the camera. If you require better IQ then go for the d7k, for the price its great value.

my 2c


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