XP1 zone focus-what am I missing?

Started Apr 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: XP1 zone focus-what am I missing?

Sorry guys, I forgot to mention that I was using the 35mm f/1.4 on the XP1. I should also say that I think the white bar on the XP1 (indicating DOF) should be spread out wide enough to touch the infinity mark at f/16, it seems to me, even if the sensor is larger than the X10's. I was able to try a friend's X100 after my first posting and it is very easy to see that the white bar spreads much wider on it, too, at the same settings. I know the lens on the X100 will give you more DOF, anyway, but the white bar does get to the infinity mark when the lens is focused at 10 ft and the shallow end of the white bar is at 7ft. With the XP1 the white bar doesn't reach the infinity mark until the lens is focused to just over 30ft and the shallow end only goes down to just about 28ft. This doesn't make sense to me and that's why I'm wondering if I have some setting wrong, or something.

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