X-Pro1 at ISO 25600 (1 picture)

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Re: X-Pro1 at ISO 25600 (1 picture)

You also miss part of the reason to use higher ISO levels- higher shutter speeds. After a point, exposing to the left, then shifting to the right in processing will not work.

Schrei wrote:

I have to agree. "starwolfy" is right.
(hey hard job to say something against the new toy ;-))

There is no real mood here and btw. the high iso performance is really NOT sensational

The Pentax K5 (from 2010), latest Sonys, Nikons etc etc are also that "good" these days in high iso

As I bought my D700 I was also a freak for high iso, but in the end I rather ty to keep the iso low. 25000 is pure marketing and I still have to see a picture that looks really good and not "acceptable". No one would seriously use it if it is an important shot

Why would I spend that much money for a camera to shoot "acceptable" high iso pictures.

Keep the iso low then you will have detail and dynamics, which is much more important

shoot in raw..you can still bring back some details in underexposed areas with this cam!

stop the high iso peep show..it is so annoying...but funny

I'm out...see you next year, discussion exactly the same (but with new cameras)

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