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Re: io newbie questions

Brad Nishida wrote:

Thanks for all of the replies.I think the 3D1 one is my best bet to start with for the videos I want to learn how to take. Here is an example of the subject matter I want to shoot (but in 3d).

The 3D1 will be a perfect choice for the type of videos you are looking to take.

The io is 30mm and will give you good 3D depth. The 3D1 is also a good choice for low lighting and it also has 'stereo window adjustment' its so called '3D depth' adjustment parameter whereby you can bring the 'window' forward to give viewers the experience of looking into a close-up scene by setting a 'minus' figure, rather than the default 'zero'setting. Pointing the camera to the floor, it will appear that you could step over the bottom of the frame, into the scene and onto the floor which gives a good sense of realism and depth. The adjustment can also be taken to the positive side with plus settings, moving the 'window' back.The default 'wide angle' setting on the 3D1 makes it easy to video up close, but is is not so wide-angle as to cause distortion.

The camera is also pretty good recording 'stereo' sound, and having its stereo mics on top allows for fitting a fur ( dead cat ) windjammer. The auto volume record doesn't pump up and down and doesn't over emphasise background noise.

There is no adjustment on the SDT750. The lens is a sophisticated beam splitter, and the camera has adjustments only to make sure that the left and right images are aligned correctly with each other. It would give you enough 3D depth for the closer shots, and it does have its stereo window forward enough to give the impression of looking into the scene. Scenes further away than ten to fifteen feet don't have a great deal of depth. However its surprising how much depth is actually achieved from its io of only 10mm. With its 3MOS sensors it is also an exceptional 2D camcorder and has very high quality Dolby sound recording.The SDT750's video doesn't fill the full frame however, although this can be corrected in video editors like Magix 17/18 Pro.

The 750 can't be carried in a jacket pocket and doesn't take 3D stills

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