HOW to SELL photos to the Professional Musician during the concert?

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Re: HOW to SELL photos to the Professional Musician during the concert?

i really appreciate your inputs Luke!!

this is totally fantastic!! i'm learning so much from your sound advise and sharing your experience...

and this makes me more humble... and just create images that the clients will love...

i'll share the photos in a bit... so at least you'll have an idea...

thanks so much!!

Luke Kaven wrote:

Newspaper Man wrote:

oh wow!!!


that is already a very sound advise... he is an amazing Jazz Saxophonist... like you said, the music business is in the skids...

looks like the best option is what you suggested... and even if he becomes big... at least this will make my portfolio even better...

thanks so much Luke!!

Oh, well, as it turns out, jazz is the sector I know best.

Aside from "smooth jazz" there is very little commercial potential in a jazz record. Doing well means pretty much the same thing as "getting paid at all." It's a pity, because some of those recordings represent towering artistic achievements.

Some players, unless you know them already, may bristle at the idea of paying a fan for photos of them, especially when approached at a low-paying concert gig. If the photographer wants more for his photography of the musician's performance than the musician is getting paid for his performance, it can be upsetting.

But musicians need "real photos" done well. As it turns out, a lot of jazz musicians get written about here and there, and they need photos to submit to the magazines and online pubs. If your rate is good enough, they will use you for PR shoots, and the other cats will hear about you too.

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