HOW to SELL photos to the Professional Musician during the concert?

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Re: HOW to SELL photos to the Professional Musician during the concert?

oh wow!!!


that is already a very sound advise... he is an amazing Jazz Saxophonist... like you said, the music business is in the skids...

looks like the best option is what you suggested... and even if he becomes big... at least this will make my portfolio even better...

thanks so much Luke!!

Luke Kaven wrote:

Newspaper Man wrote:

I'm very sure this has been asked multiple times... I tried to search, and I'm not really satisfied...

Anyway... I'm sure this might be very useful to many photogs just like me...

Photo Usage: Cover Photo of the CD Album

OK, I have given some suggestions and read some deals like:

1. % of Album Sales go to me every time the Artist sells an album (example: 5% goes to me). And yes, how can i track this!!?? Go to his accountant...

2. Charge the artist upfront % of the $$$ amount ordered for Album (example: 3% of the total cost of Album production).

3. Charge the Artist $$$ per image he wants to buy. This is the typical answer. (example: $100 / image). And he gets all the rights how ever he wants to use these images. This will also include time I spent both from the shoot and processing.

I really need sound advise... Thanks so much for all your help...


Is it necessary for me to post some images? Will that determine the value of the image?

I am a record label owner as well as photographer.

Is your question about which of these three options you should pursue when negotiating?

The music business is in the skids. A royalty option would be extremely rare, except when dealing with a major record label on a big budget record, and even then, I would think the label would avoid doing it wherever possible. I can't think of a situation where you would be paid as a proportion of the total production expenses.

For a major release, you could get a professional rate. For an indie release, you might be offered $200-500 for a set of photos. You might license them as free for one-time use and promotional purposes, but otherwise retain the rights.

What kind of music are we talking about? Some different conventions apply in different cases.

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