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DavidH202 wrote:




unless you use borderless printing methods with your 1/8 " borders there will always be excess paper at the edges that will need to be trimmed to size, or place your image without the borders, 1/8" from the edgeof the paper using the page editor (next to last icon on the print preview side)
set your paper size
use the custom size dialogue with cropping on to set your print size
use compact placement on the print placement dialogue box

use the page editor to move the print to the upper left corner and use your arrow keys to place the image 1/8" from the left and upper edges.
you will have to trim the bottom and right hand borders

The main issue for this is NOT Qimage. Qimage uses the Printer Drivers and (it appears) the Drivers seem to have a "Mind of their own". Also, different Epson printer Models (can't comment on other Brands due to NON usage) have different Maximum printable areas for the same size papers. Example: for using 13 x 19 paper on the Epson 2200 and the 3880 -- these have two different maximum printable areas. I am NOT discussing Boarder-less printing since I never use Border-less printing.

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