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Re: Best Buy's CEO is removed today

kanefsky wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

kanefsky wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

I already told you, that's what I heard on the radio. And i didn't say anything about not "making sense" buying a camera there. I said that Best Buy was loosing money by offering sales service to people who are going to buy on the web anyway. The point being that (like I said) BB may not offer sales service on DSLRs in the future if theyre not profitable.

The alleged issue with Best Buy is that they're acting like a showroom for people that then go and buy online.

I just said that in my last post.

No you said "offering sales service" which sounds more like warranty service or tech support than simply being a showroom where you can play with something on your own before buying it.

The issue also has nothing to do with DSLRs versus TVs or anything else.

They sell DSLRs, of course it has "something to do with DSLRs."

I said "nothing to do with DLSRs versus TVs", meaning it's not specific to DSLRs. In fact I think I would go as far as to say that it has almost nothing to do with DSLRs (at least not the D800), because the issue is when you can easily buy something cheaper via mail order than you can at the Best Buy store. That's not the case with the D800.

That was really your takeaway? Let me try one more time. If BB goes small box they might have to shed items that aren't profitable enough.

That would mean shedding TVs, not high-end DSLRs which are highly profitable (especially considering how little space they take in the warehouse and the showroom compared to a TV).

It was a simple comment, it does not endanger you in any way. This has nothing to do with scared people, this is just a discussion forum.

All I did was correct a factual error on your part regarding the Best Buy CEO by pasting a direct quote from the WSJ. I think you're the one being a little defensive here.

Are you a Best Buy employee? You really are milking this thing.

No I'm not, and I rarely buy anything there. I was just correcting some misleading and factually incorrect information that you posted.

You are obsessed. Please prove that there was any incorrect information.

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