FZ150 and night photography

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Re: FZ150 and night photography

Realll wrote:

I could menage after all. When I switched off Image Stabilizer everything was OK. I use my cameras for trips and usually I have no time to play with the manual settings and preffer automatic ones. Simply if FZ150 is on tripod and if you turn off IS camera chooses different settings wiith longer ~ 8 sec. exposure and shot is fantastic. With turned on IS exposure is short - 1/4 sec. and the shots are dark with higher ISO.
Thanks to all for your kind answers!
Wish you Merry Christmas and a lot of fun with your cameras!

I'm a bit late coming in on this topic, but I've been aware that "image stabiliser" is highly recommended by many to be in OFF when doing tripod based shots, and even to use the 2 or 5 second timer to get hands away from the shutter button

Trust you are now enjoying the FZ150 ... I myself am about to purchase one

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