HOW to SELL photos to the Professional Musician during the concert?

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HOW to SELL photos to the Professional Musician during the concert?

I'm very sure this has been asked multiple times... I tried to search, and I'm not really satisfied...

Anyway... I'm sure this might be very useful to many photogs just like me...

Photo Usage: Cover Photo of the CD Album

OK, I have given some suggestions and read some deals like:

1. % of Album Sales go to me every time the Artist sells an album (example: 5% goes to me). And yes, how can i track this!!?? Go to his accountant...

2. Charge the artist upfront % of the $$$ amount ordered for Album (example: 3% of the total cost of Album production).

3. Charge the Artist $$$ per image he wants to buy. This is the typical answer. (example: $100 / image). And he gets all the rights how ever he wants to use these images. This will also include time I spent both from the shoot and processing.

I really need sound advise... Thanks so much for all your help...


Is it necessary for me to post some images? Will that determine the value of the image?


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