I want full frame - Not 5D MKIII

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Re: I want full frame - Not 5D MKIII

I understand the OP coz the 1D bodies are just rock solid.

But then again he already had a 5d2 so he should have had an expectation of what the 5d3 should feel like. 5d3 is still a 5d body- they didnt bill it as a 1D Lite or 1D Jr.

I also dont think a lot of people who like to have fullframe would even consider a 1D IV over a 5D3 .

marike6 wrote:

John Ashby wrote:

Alos professionals all over the world don't or can't always show the public what we photograph

Why is that exactly? Top secret or porn?

Never judge a book by its cover

It's not judgmental if you see the OP around slamming other cameras because they aren't as good as his 1D MK IV. Ranting, like the OP does in the Fuji forum, that a Fuji X-Pro1 doesn't focus as fast as the 1D MK IV, a camera built for sports, is just plain silly. Didn't the OP know that would be the case when he bought it? Or did he think somehow Fuji managed to pack 39 cross-type AF sensor sensors, and Phase Detect AF and a world class AF system?

It's obvious that every camera that doesn't equal his 1D Mk IV gets publicly flogged. But I get where he's coming from: I bought a violin from Sears, and I was really disappointed when it didn't sound as good as my Stradivarius. Piece of junk.

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