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Roy Sletcher
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Re: Qimage - arghh

Wes Keys wrote:

After bringing my B9180 back to life, I decided to try out the new Qimage Ultimate, and its new user interface. I just wanted to print a 12 x 18, with a 1/8 in border, on a 13 x 19 sheet of paper. After five and a half hours and six prints I've decided it either can't be done, or I'm no smarter than I was with the old user interface. Too bad; it's a great piece of software, and Mike Chaney is one of the most helpful out there, but I just can't seem to lick it.

Hi Wes,

I am a long time user of Qimage, and have followed many threads here and elsewhere about the product.

Based on my observations I would suggest you:

1: Contact Mike Chaney about this matter. He is very accessible and usually responds the same day, or early following day. He takes great pride in the software behaving correctly and will go to great lengths to solve problems with his software. His email address is on the Qimage website.

2: I have no idea what a B9180 is. But seem to recall in cases where this type of problem has arisen in the past it was due to problems with the printer driver supplied by the printer manufacturer, and there was nothing that could be done in Qimage. From time to time people offered various workarounds. I don't know how effective they were. Are you using the latest driver for your B9180?

Just trying to be helpful.

Roy Sletcher

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