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Thanks for the time and the critique of each shot. I appreciate the time and thoughts.

Mitchydkid wrote:

Well, I'm not nearly as "expert" as so many on these forums are, but... I noticed the first response took a great number of words to say he did not like the photos, but did not say why. I will say why.

1st Photo. Good enough. Fun interaction between couple. Red barn could distract some, but not really a problem.

The red barn is on the groom's family property. Mucho sentimental value for the couple. I asked if they wanted some shots without the barn (I noticed the distraction), and they wanted to leave it in.

2nd. I like it; its good.

3rd. I like it; its good. Shallower depth of field might make the background more pleasing.

Good point. That series was with the 50mm 1.8, so I could have gone wider. I could also have positioned them a little further away from the trees.

4th. Bride is not looking at camera, but groom is. Otherwise, nice shot. IMHO there needs to be consistency in regards to acknowledging the camera. If the bride is going to stare off into the distance while thinking about the marital bliss to come, the groom should be doing the same. OR if the groom is looking straight into your lens, so should the bride. Nice photo, just adding my likes.

Very good point. I will definitely keep this in mind during future shoots. Gotta give more verbal instructions.

5th. Meh... its ok. A little dark.

This was my attempt to duplicate a shot that the couple found online. It was also very dark and heavily vignetted. They seemed to like the results though.

6th. Way too blown out. Maybe this is a style some people like, but I do not. This young lady has smooth youthful skin that she would like to remember many years down the road. If going for a high key photo, my pref is to blow away the background, do some vinetting in PP, and maybe some highlights of the clothes could be allowed to get a little hot. But the face needs proper exposure to show just how beautiful the bride is.

Great advice. I think I only dialed up +1 EV in camera and I shot in RAW, so I can probably do a lot more in PP. I was definitely trying the high key approach, just need to fine tune. Thanks for the ideas.

7th. Nice

8th. Ok, but something is technically wrong. Is there some glare washing this out?

I think I applied some presets in Aperture on this shot. The RAW file is not as washed out.

9th. Refer to #6

10th. I like it, nice. You can never blur that background too much though. Maybe f/1.8?

I'm always scared of f/1.8 and even f/2 because of shallow depth of field. I have had problems getting 2 sets of eyes in sharp focus, especially when they are at different lengths from the camera. Any hints?

11th. Its fun. In addition to this, it would be nice to see a much closer crop "shoulder' crop. Background is busy again.

Yeah, zooming in would get me a few different crop options without doing it in PP and losing pixels.

12th. I guess technically I could point out the harsh light on the hands and railing, but who cares? This is not a studio shot. I like it a lot.

13th. I like it. I wonder if the ring would be on better display if you where a little more above it and tighter crop. Just thinking out loud.

14th. Fine.

15th. Its ok.

I enjoyed these and hope my opinionated comments are of some value to you.

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