Let's unite for new Mac Pro!!!!

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Re: Let's unite for new Mac Pro!!!!

RedLIne_ wrote:

I beg to differ ... Do you remember the "Antenna Gate"? Steve Jobs have shortened his hawaii vacation to adress the media!

He came back to handle the PR problem. The iPhone 4 wasn't changed one bit even though there was lots of attention in the media.

Also Final Cut Saga... Same deal , Steve answer an email ... Saying something like "next FC will be asesome..."

Again mainly to address the PR side of things. Most of the things that was left out of FCP X came back in later versions. I don't think is was due to the protests. They just didn't make it in time for the first release.

The power lies in our hand... When we mobilise, media cover us and by chance Apple/ShyTim will stop cycling the park a moment and tell the only 3 guys left in Mac Pro dept "Ok ok , let's put a new Sata3, USB3, Thunderbolt Board and the new E5 Xeon into that big case and ship those ASAP before anothers nuts trash their ol' G5 onto our beautiful glass door in retaliation!!!"

If Apple has plans for a new Mac Pro this year the decision has already been taken. New models are not designed in a few weeks.


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