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Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

There's a couple of nice ones here, a couple of not-so-good ones, and a whole lot of in-between. These are all over the place, as if you have no idea yourself what is good and what isn't. If these were (are) family snapshots, then a kind critique would be sufficient, as they are intended to be fun and meaningful. But if they are to be evaluated on a professional level, there is much lacking in all but a few of them. Which brings me to my concern: you mentioned that you are to photography their wedding in a few months. Is this a professional commitment? If so, I fear trouble. Photographing a couple enjoying each others on their wedding day is actually the EASIEST part of a wedding day, and the part of the day most similar to an engagement session (except you have 10 minutes instead of an hour, and there are lots of people telling you to hurry, and the bride is constantly fiddling with her dress which isn't comfortable like it was in the bridal shop, and the settings at the venue aren't as photogenic, and there are always people jumping in the frame to kiss the bride and wish them well, and... well you get the idea, right?). So, if you can't totally slam the engagement session, you can pretty well expect an uphill climb with a long wedding day.

I'm being tough because I'm seeing LOTS of bad wedding photography these days but absolutely no shortage of very inexperienced amateurs anxious to do it. Unlike an engagement session, there is no Wedding 2.0 to go back and try to get things right a second time. Again, there are a couple of good shots here, but with so much other stuff crowding the pack, they almost seem like an accident.


Thanks for taking the time to write up your thoughts Michael. I fully understand the "one chance to get it right" aspect of shooting a wedding. I'm certainly not taking it lightly. Almost all my free time is doing some kind of practice or research so I'm as prepared as possible. I am planning on charging the couple a very modest fee to cover the rehearsal dinner, prep time, ceremony, and reception. I did the engagement shoot for free. The couple is not family, they were referred to me by a 2nd cousin on my wife's side. I have never misrepresented myself as anything other than an "enthusiastic amateur", and the couple fully understands and is OK with that. They loved the engagement photos and have been getting lots of positive comments on their Facebook page. In the end, as long as the couple is happy that's what matters.

I'm not sure where you're coming from by slamming an "inexperienced but anxious amateur" such as myself. You took the time to write about the glut of amateurs ruining the wedding market, but you offered no specific comments on any of my shots. What didn't you like? Pose? Background? Light? Processing? Without any constructive criticism, I have a hard time taking your remarks seriously. I really want to learn and I understand that photography is considered art and you won't please everybody. If you are willing to offer constructive criticism of even just one of my shots, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, -Steve-

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