1 stop of DR -how important it is and for what kind of photography

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Now you behead every one of the other 8 people...

mgrum wrote:

Now you behead every one of the other 8 people, and you haven't changed the difference between the tallest and shortest.

May I ask what you do for living? No, wait... I don't want to know!!!

  • Dynamic range is a single number, you can't choose to destroy an "area" of dynamic range!

Sure you can. One can measure the DR of any part of the image aand it might not be the same as the DR of the entire image. If I map this image to 8-bit sRGB, I may be able to preserve the DR of the entire image. However the DR of a part of the image might not be preserved at the same time (e.g. in highlights). But you are right, this road does lead to the tonal range in the end.

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