Second day with B/W

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Re: Second day with B/W

A big improvement. Again, that's in my opinion , which is worth every penny you paid for it.

More of my opinion:

First photo: doesn't work because the birds heads don't stand out at all from the background. Depending on the colors involved, using a color filter effect might help.

Second photo: very good. For some reason I get a feeling that it's tilting to the right. The right side of the monument might be too dark for some people. I like high contrast, but I'd bet a lot of people would rather see a bit of detail in there. A little post-processing work would probably help this one.

Third photo: selective color gone awry. Why do you want me to look at the foliage?

Fourth photo: at least here the selective color is on the subject. But overall, it's not a strong picture and the selective color mainly points out that it's not a strong picture.

Fifth photo: odd image. Parts of a lot of stuff, with nothing that's whole. It doesn't work for me, but perhaps from some kind of post-modern viewpoint it might mean something.

Sixth photo: good composition, good B&W treatment, but the depth of field wasn't enough to keep the girl sharp.

Seventh photo: the best of the bunch. Good work.

Eight photo: good except for the girl's expression.

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