Is the EX1/TL500 OK for my tech-clumsy mother?

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Re: Is the EX1/TL500 OK for my tech-clumsy mother?

Draek wrote:

No, it's not OK. Trust me, .., as long as it looks complicated (and the EX1's controls most certainly do), the user will be intimidated and refuse to use it in a meaningful manner. And then there's the issue of weight, given the EX1's dimensions and metallic body.

I agree with this really. There are many buttons and dials on the EX1, which is why I like it and why I bought one. Your mother may well find this intimidating in case she presses something by accident. And it may happen - the control dial on the top sometimes moved when I took it out of the case. It's not a problem if you know the camera, but if you don't then I think it would be intimidating unless you were keen to take control of it. Also the EX1 will look very different to her old camera with a different layout, and just that can be very off-putting for some.

There is also the problem that the camera is pretty slow as some have mentioned. Slow to switch on, slow to zoom, slow to change modes if you turn a dial by mistake. This can mean missing shots. In fact, it was this and the fact that I wanted better quality low light photos pushed me into looking for another camera. I still have the EX1 (out on loan at the moment) and still like it.

The good thing about the EX1 is that it is a compact that can focus and take photos in low light even at full zoom, but the jpgs at 800 iso are pretty horrible, 400 are not that great. I think I actually prefer the Oly XZ1 jpgs in many ways, but it seems to be not very user-friendly in "auto" either.

I agree with the people who say the best thing is to discuss it with your mother to find out what she wants, then take her to a shop and let her decide which is best for her. I'd also take a used sd card so you can take photos and also try to view photos taken with her old camera. She may just prefer her old camera. I bought one for mine because her old camera gave up. I would have liked to have given her an s95, but she prefered a simpler camera with fewer buttons, even if it meant worse photos.

But out of curiosity, does anyone have any photos taken on "auto" just to see what they're like?

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