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Re: Ummm. Maybe. Ummm. Yes. :: Fuji X-Pro 1 Review

From the comments in Zack's review:

Lee said on April 11, 2012

Zack, thanks for the great review. I’ve had the XP1 for about a week now and had a couple questions. When walking around, taking snapshots, do you primarily use AF or zone focusing. I found that half the pictures I took weren’t focused on where I was aiming with AF. It’s really frustrating, but then again, I’ve only snapped off a couple hundred shots. Also, and not to sound disrespectful in any way, because I respect your amazing work, do you think it is at all a conflict of interest that you went on these trips paid for by Fuji? I know that they didn’t impose anything on you, but somewhere in the back of your mind do you feel the pressure to write something favorable? I was a little surprised that you found the camera was worth the money. To get it’s full range with all 3 lenses, that’s over $3.5k — that’s pretty hefty. I’d like to hear more about what you DIDN’T like about this camera. Thanks again for taking the time to review, you’re helping us all out.

Zack said on April 11, 2012

@Lee – I use the single servo AF pretty much all the time. If you are shooting the 35mm wide open you do have to be really careful as the DoF is so shallow you can blow focus by slightly moving the camera a bit.

This is the first time I’ve ever been paid by a photo company to use a product. I prefer buying things on my own and saying whatever I want but really, come on… Fuji calls and says here’s a camera and money. Go to India. Take photos of whatever you want. Give us a few released images for marketing. Keep the camera. Say whatever you want to say about it on your blog. Good or bad.”

Would you turn down that job? There’s no way in hell I’d turn it down. Sony can send me to Asia. I’ll let Olympus send me to Moscow. Maybe Pentax could send me to S. America. I’d take these gigs every day if I could!

As I have been working on this blog post though I haven’t bothered to think about the commercial gain I got from this. The thoughts above are my own without influence of money or future work. That’s really what sticks in your head. “I want to keep Fuji happy so they hire me again!” But no. I’d rather have my integrity than another paycheck. I can get another paycheck. I can’t get my integrity back. Know what I mean?

And yes… It’s worth the money. A) I travel a good bit and having this small bag with this good of a camera is amazing. B) I just invested into a PhaseOne system last year at close to ten times the price of this full Fuji system…. so… compared to that purchase, it’s all a bit relative.


seany wrote:

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Good review considering he was paid to do it by Fuji, a lot of padding and superlatives which is understandable considering he doe's not want to upset Fuji!!.

I admire his honesty with regards to the camera's shortcomings,i.e. AF lag, and disappointing MF, but one can't help wondering what sort of review he would have written had he not been financed by Fuji!!

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