a top brand worth it ?

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Re: a top brand worth it ?

Hi Barry

I got some 60cm softboxes from Cotswold Photo on eBay for around £40 for my Elinchrom Ranger Quadra. They work just fine, although perhaps the fit and finish may be a little less than perfect. They've lasted two years so far.

However, they diffuse well, have good colour balance and are light enough for me to trek long distances ( 1/2 a mile ) across deserts with them.

I also got a couple of 95cm octagonal units from ellisn. They are fine too, although too large for trekking.

In the past I've used Bowens and Viewfinder softboxes, which too are decent, but at higher prices. I don't see what they offer over UK-sourced eBay items, and I can certainly use the extra £'s in my wallet.



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