Two features keeping me from getting the NEX

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Re: What do you mean IBIS isn't possible ?

nick_webster wrote:

If you mean it isn't in the cameras now, then that is obvious

That is more what I was meaning.

However if you mean it is impossible in the future then I'm curious why you say that. Sony have proved they can implement it in other cameras, so why not some future NEX model ?

A couple of possible reasons:

1. Heat. The cameras are just to thin, heat would build up quickly and affect performance of the sensor; video shooting times would also be reduced. I don't think Sony has the space for a sufficient heatsink to be able to cool the sensor with and IBIS system. µ43 sensors are smaller and the IBIS unit can be smaller too, creating less heat.

2. Video. IMO, lens based stabilization, has produced better video than body based versions. This is of course just my opinion from my own test with my T2i + 15-85 IS and Sony NEX cameras with the 18-55 OSS and 18-200 OSS lenses verses all the camera in the Olympus line (OMD EM5 excluded, I haven't got to use that one yet). The Oly just seemed a bit too shakey, My IS in my 15-85 held the image steady as a rock, as does the 18-200 I have now on my NEX7.

Over time, and given significant technological advancements I'm sure both of these reasons could be nullified. But I don't think it will be for a little while. Feel free to correct me on either of these two points as they are more my opinion as opposed to cold hard facts.


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