Example of how the SD1M has more image detail than the Nikon D800

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Re: Example of how the SD1M has more image detail than the Nikon D800

Unfair? Pitting a small 15MP APC sized sensor against the D800 which is 30megapixels and full framed and that is an unfair comparison? Then see this link:

I upsized the SD1M image and didn't even sharpen the images and they still hold up to the Nikon D800. Thats pretty impressive if you ask me and I have been very fair here in the comparision. I can't believe how much sharpening the Nikon D800 needs whereas the SD1M needed absolutely none. That amazes me.


olimpero wrote:

This is very unfair, you have to upsample the SD1 file to the Nikon D800 dimensions to compare properly

and don´t forget with the D800 shot they used f11 (diffraction territory for this camera)

Then you realize sharpness, dynamic range, noise, color, all is better in the Nikon camera

You can download the RAW files and try it yourserf, I did it, using sharpening in Photoshop CS5 for both cameras (deconvolution algorhitm for D800)

and -2 sharpness and without noise reduction in SPP for SD1 files before sharpening

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