SD1M vs D800 Full size image available for download.

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Gary Dean Mercer Clark
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SD1M vs D800 Full size image available for download.

I read the comment that the comparison between the SD1M and the D800 in the comparison tool is unfair as the SD1M isn't upsized to the D800 size.

So let me get this straight---if I take the smaller sensor image and upsize it to the larger sensor D800--then it will be a fair comparison? Wow---kinda reminds me of how David had to fight Goliath! LOL. Little 15MP APC sized foveon sensor SD1M versus full frame 30MP Nikon D800. WOW!

Ok--fair is fair but let me choose the upsizing algorithm. Here is the method I used.

Import SD1M to SPP 5.2 only adjustment made is turn down the sharpening to -.2 and export to 8bit same size .tiff file. Import into photo zoom pro 2.0 and upsize using the S-spline algorithm---NO sharpening or adjustment made. Save as a .jpeg.
Nikon D800

Import the raw file into Photoshop and smart sharpen 100 percent and save as a .jpeg.

Did I mention that the Sigma SD1M image was NEVER sharpened? That is very telling as I had to sharpen the hell out of the D800 image. Hey--but don't take my word for it. You can download trials of photo zoom pro, SPP 5.2 software from Sigma and if you have Photoshop or Lightroom --you can open up the Nikon D800 image and do this yourself! It was very enlightening to me to see that Sigma's claims that the SD1M produces images in the 30MP range---not unreasonable.

Nikon workflow is faster and easier. The SD1M workflow produced excellent results but as stated---expect to spend some time post processing images---ok for a small number, but having to edit hundreds?---now that would be kinda painful. LOL I have an SD1M on order. Can't wait to get it.

Here is the download link to the full resolution versions:

Gary Mercer

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