Jpeg vs Raw with Sony SLT A65 and SLT A77

Started Apr 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
Ralic New Member • Posts: 10
Ford vs Ferrari

If you shoot JPEG, you let a japanese engineer do the editing for you.... If you shoot raw you have tons of options and if you lack HDD space, upgrade....... Seriously? does anyone shoot JPEG with this fine equipment?? why dont you all get a compact camera instead, you dont drive Ford(JPEG) when you can drive the ferrari(RAW) if you have both cars.

JPEG is good for vacation snapshots only. I have tested JPEG+RAW to see the difference and RAW is always better, the only thing JPEG is good for is for the automatic lens correction and my/all sal1650 needs a lot of correction, specially on 16mm. but PP can fix that too with presets in LR4 for example...

Have some respect for the A77 and treat it like the Semi pro it is... If you can see the benefits(google it), you will end up shooting raw.

I have been talking to many a77/65 users and not one of them shoots JPEG(cept all you here in the forum who do)..and if one of them had, i would not take him seriously....go buy a compact...

Hope i did not hit a nerve.....

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