Example of how the SD1M has more image detail than the Nikon D800

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Re: Example of how the SD1M has more image detail than the Nikon D800

I did the same thing. There are some differences in brightness/contrast that need to be corrected to get a good comparision. It's also easier to see differences if the images are aligned and superimposed then switch back and forth.

Based on a sample of one image only so far, I think the overall look of the image favours the D800 in this kind of comparison because the SD1 shot has that "vague" look that you get with large amounts of upsizing. It's particularly obvious on that green, purple, white knitted wool. There is more resolution in the D800 file. However, different bits of the image favour each camera.

However, this is extreme pixel peeping. Resolution of both is extremely good - excellent for any practical purpose I can think of. No one would be complaining they couldn't print big.

Nikon is obviously a much better camera body and has more flexiblility but costs quite a bit more.

I wouldn't buy either: too big and heavy and expensive for the marginal improvement I would see for my work. But useful steps forward in their respective niches. The arguments and fights over which is "best" will undoubtedly rage but will be as meaningless as ever. As far as resolution is concerned, IMO unless you have the equivelent of at least a 50%, preferably 100% pixel count increase, it's meaningless for practical work - the difference between these two isn't worth worrying about.

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