a few question regarding D4 and D800 IQ and features

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Re: a few question regarding D4 and D800 IQ and features

lol, yeah I guess that is a good reason. But other than that are there any other reason? I mean sure the X-Pro1 IQ is great but I cannot believe IQ alone dictate choice for professionals.

Example: I am a technical director for an AV company, when we select projectors of course the color gamut, reproduction quality, lens quality all come into consideration but I actually require something that is networkable, has some very decent screen warping capabilities, a good set of internal test patterns, extremely adjustable white balance, input color calibration AND output color calibration, lamp power adjustment, a good monitoring/warning system, very decent remote control capabilities, a solid stackable rigging cage or system, easily changeable bulb(s), decent power requirement, very good filters for the cooling system so smoke machines don't kill the projector, and so on and so forth. If I would be a consumer I would care about IQ alone, the other features being quite pointless at home. I was wondering about the equivalent on the camera side.

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