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The D800 is resolving more detail but not a lot more. The SD1 is the equivalent of a 30MP Bayer sensor as Sigma claims. Actually if you look at the red cloth on top of the blue cloth to the top right of the ladies head the SD1 is outresolving the D800. Sigma really need to bring out a FF sensor. That would really shake up the camera industry.

I have no axe to grind here, but where exactly is the 800 resolving more detail?

Try the back of the Blue Volkswagen Beetle and the globe.

The D800 has shallower DOF than the SD1 so its possible that the D800 samples are slightly OOF, and the D800 shots were taken at a aperture where diffraction softening has obviously occured. I like to see the same samples but taken at f4 or f5.6, on both cameras.

Clearly defined color boundaries as seen in the globe are far easier for an algorithm to distinguish from sensor noise. I would say the details on the globe are about the same between the two. A lot of the details in the picture can be matched by the D800 by applying the right amount of sharpening. But the SD1 seems fairly unbeatable with some of the subtleties such as the mesh right above the fur.

We shouldn't be shocked at this, considering it's a completely different sensor technology.

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