Example of how the SD1M has more image detail than the Nikon D800

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Shouldn't you be comparing vs the D800E?

You know the one that also doesn't have an AA filter?

Of course, this comparison is super biased. A good mix of different shots would be better. I have seen SD1 shots that even have color constancy issues as early as ISO 200- the Nikon doesn't have that problem (you can see those usually in dark areas, shadows).

I think it's good to point out some of the SD1 advantages, but it's not the unilateral celebration you seem to make it out to be.

And then there's Fuji.

gary mercer wrote:

You can pick out any hairy fur etc in the comparison tool on this website, pick the SD1M and other cameras and compare like I did in this screen shot that I captured and posted. In it--it clearly shows what we've been talking about for a long time in this forum--how the SD1 can capture detail that even the Nikon d800 and other bayer censored cameras turn to mush like fur,hair, soft image detail---green foliage in landscapes etc. Finally a way to really do some serious comparing of image detail between the different camera systems.

The SD1M shines here.

Gary Mercer

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