D800-my analysis in 7 days. Technicians Help?

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D800-my analysis in 7 days. Technicians Help?

Ok, to startout with, the most beneficial aspect of the results from this camera, IN MY OPINION, is the outstanding color range that gets displayed in the photos. This truly impresses me far beyond what I could have expected.

Also, the white balance is more accurate. Actually, I guess it is really important to state that these findings are from only my camera, I cannot speculate on the results that other D800 cameras are producing, especially because it seems to me that this camera has not been built to the same level of high standards that the D700 was.

The D800 also shows more 'real' feeling photos...it looks as if I could walk right into the pictures. It has a more 3 dimensional look and feel to the pictures.

Actually, I am trying to figure out some aspects of the D800. Some things just don't seem to make sense to me, even though I know many rules of the technical requirements of working a camera. I am feeling like there is something faulty with the D800 which I have.

Here's the straight truth…the D800 is A LOT MORE DIFFICULT TO USE. There are many many more pictures that show camera shake. But here's the thing: the camera shake shows in this camera at shutter speeds way faster than the general rule for shutter speed and the focal length that you are shooting at. The rule about 1 over the focal length, or faster to avoid camera shake, not any slower unless you have vibration reduction. I know this is a general rule for full frame equivalent.

I have a steady hand, I have practised and I know what works for sharp images with the D700, yes D700. What I don't understand, is why sometimes this shutter speed rule must be doubled or trippled for the D800. Other times, closer to the minimum speed works.

I am finding this to be unreliable... there seems to be no apparant sensible answer to shutter speed for avoiding shake. Heh, before I got the camera, when I read these forums and some people were saying that this 36 megapixel camera was going to be hard to hand hold sometimes, I thought those people knew nothing and they were just guessing. I hope that the people that reply to this posting are not the guessing type of photographer that claims to know more than they do because they believe their guess is right. Please, I wanna hear from very experienced technicians and photographers. I do not know Marriane, but I have read many of her posts that have clearly taught me, and many others.

Anyways, I pay particular attention to learning technique. I also laughed quite heavily when I heard that Nikon was seemingly proposing the use of a tripod. I know you need a tripod when the light is low, but...is my camera in need of repair? I just read a guys post who says he has found using the D800 to be just as easy as using his D300. I would personally, heavily discourage people from feeling that this would be the case. Again, maybe there is something different between this camera and the other D800 cameras out there.

Yesterday I was out taking pictures at Van Dusen Gardens with a friend who was shooting with the D300s. At the end of the day, we decided to set the camera in manual mode with the same settings, and take some shots. We both had the 105mm vr lens on our cameras. Hers is a crop camera, so she was shooting at about 155mm, and I was shooting at 105mm. Steadily hand held at 1/60th, when I used her camera I got reliable and sharp photos. With my camera, of 6 photos, I got 1 that looked halfway sharp, so very slight camera shake. All the rest were blurry. Other shots I have taken are 2 times the rule, like shooting at 105mm and with a 200-250th/second shutter speed, and still getting noticeable camera shake, very steadily hand held.

OK, one more thing. While there at the Park, I was doing some macro shots with the camera on the tripod. Mirror delay, 5 second timer, manual focus and also auto focus.

With the D800, I am not getting macro photos that are sharp, not anywhere as close to being as sharp as the same set up on my D700 camera. I don't understand this, especially since I thought that was the huge benefit of buying the 36 megapixel D800 camera. My friend’s D300s with same 105mm lens was sharper than mine, noticeably.

Lastly, the focusing system of this D800 seems to need warranty work. My D700 was more accurate. I have seen the posts about the problems with the back focusing or front, and I have not tested mine with a ruler or anything, but there sure a lot more photos with missed focus.

I have a question for the technically experienced people! Why, technically, does a 36 megapixel camera have to be held more steadily, or have to use higher shutter speeds, than a 12 megapixel camera like the D700?

You know, before I had received my new camera, I did understand that of course with 36 MP, I would see more evidence of camera shake when I zoom into the picture on the LCD, because the 36MP detail would show more flaws.

So, I have had so much fun using this camera to get some pretty increadible photos in the last week, and also some results that are peculiar.
This camera definately shows new technology, and I want to know more.
I was using a 24-70mm Nikon lens on this camera...WOW! Also used the 70-200VR2.

Oh yeah, just to confirm, did I read right that the D700 is better at controlling the detail in the bright overexposed areas of images? The D800 looks to me as if the bright areas are either more slightly overexposed, or equal to the D700. ? Obviously, increadibly better is the D800 for capturing and displaying detail in the shadows and dark areas. This is the other huge benefit of the D800...Wow, no more dark dark areas, this is what shows it to be a truly full frame camera. I am very thankful for this. This, and the colors, is what separates this camera from many others. The only thing that seems to bring this camera down one level is the difficulty of use, and I don't know, is it sharp like 36MP could be? I can only guess based on my camera.

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