Nikon Capture NX/NX2 and Multicore CPU's + CUDA

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Nikon Capture NX/NX2 and Multicore CPU's + CUDA

A little while ago I started a thread about a new computer and it's specification capable of effectively handling the much larger files of the latest DSLR's, especially the D800.

During the discussions I asked about the capability of software such as Nikon Capture NX/NX2 and Serif PhotoPlus X4/X5 to actually access and use the latest hardware technology in order to give faster operation of the software processes for photo and video editing..

In particular I wanted to know if this software could utilise the multiple cores available in the second generation Intel i7 Multicore CPUs and also access and use the CUDA core technology now common in the higher specification graphics cards.

In my OP I asked if anyone had any experience of how Nikon Capture NX/NX2 utilised multicore CPU's and CUDA technology but only one person thought that this software had no gain from the higher hardware specification.

Following this up with Nikon support here is their reply,

Nikon Rep reply,

"I have checked your request and can confirm the following.

Only the latest version of Capture NX2 (2.3.1) utilises multi-core processors. Any versions before version 2.3.1 would not have this functionality.

Nikon have not released any further information regarding accessing and using CUDA core technology of Nvida graphics cards."

I also spoke with Serif Europe and asked the same question. I was told, after much waiting, that neither PhotoPlus X4 or X5 can utilise the above hardware resources. I was also told that PhotoPlus X6 ,which is about to go into development, will not have this capability either.

So, over to all of you for further comment, input and guidance. It appears that Photoshop xxx is the only software that can actually gain any operational speed advantage for SOME of it's processes from the higher performance hardware.

So does this mean we are all going to have to move over to Photoshop, or don't bother spending a load of money ona new PC that will not give any advantage, or do you know something different????

Bryan (BPB)

Nikon D800 Pentax X-5 Samsung i7
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