Is the EX1/TL500 OK for my tech-clumsy mother?

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Re: Is the EX1/TL500 OK for my tech-clumsy mother?

To reiterate, I think the EX1 is a great choice if your mom will not be bothered by its quirky performance/menu/not optimal JPEGs. It's price, fast lens, and overall IQ and build quality is very good.

At the same time, I think the best alternative (unless she might fancy a travelzoom) is the S100. It is light, has Canon's great JPEGs, has a slower, but still fast lens, and is very small indeed.

Either way, show her the two cameras on a website or in store (although i have not seen either in store yet) and ask her which she likes better, or if she would like something else.

It's nice of you go through this searching for her

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