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Re: KR is a troll

Safesphere wrote:

riknash wrote:

Simply because mentioning his name makes him money. The financial success of his web site is geared towards having traffic and search engines reference his site. When someone mentions his name here, it helps the search engines to further direct traffic to his site. This make him money. Consequently this annoys those who view his opinions as irrelevant and shouldn't have the success he enjoys. Others feel that his opinions are extremely flawed. If someone references his opinions and others then respond with "I'm not gonna read your post because you referenced him", it is to mean that someone seriously accepted his flawed opinions and they want you to know it.

When you look at his home page, you have to credit him with managing to figure out the 21st century equivalent of begging for money on the eStreets.

Safesphere wrote:

So what is so bad that even mentioning his very name is a taboo here? Like one guy said, "you quoted KR, so i'm not even gonna read your post". This implies KR must be very wrong or something. I am just thonrstly rying to understand. Thanks!

Got it, thanks! But if I may ask a follow-up question, is this attitude towards him specifically because his opinions are wrong, or because he makes perhaps more than others in the field, or because he openly begs for money? Finally, is this attitude limited to him specifically or are there others like him or even many? Another site that comes up in any search is the-digital-picture dot com. Is it of the same type or different? Thanks again!

I suspect this attitude is directed primarily at him and not so much at others. Its likely a combination of all that you have suggested. The human condition causes some of us to be jealous of his financial success as a self appointed expert with some obvious expressed opinions that illustrate a true lack of expertise in the DSLR gear photography field. Apparently this greatly irritates crusty old frustrated photographers which never learned how to exploit a revenue opportunity quite so well as he has.

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